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The dance is the mother of the arts.
Music and poetry exist in time;
painting and architecture in space.
But the dance lives at once in time and space. - Curt Sachs

Latest Ballet Dancer photos has been established in 2002, and we pride ourselves of beeing able to offer to the whole community all those aballet photos (3914 as of today) for free

Here are all the photos available on

We are very happy of making them freely available on our website, for free. As you can see, there are ballet photos, modern'jazz photos, contortion photos, ... for a total of more than 173 photos sets (meaning more than 3914 exclusive photos, available, for free)

Most of those photos were made by Olivier, with Audrey as model.
Enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them and, if you want to leave a comment about one of those photos, please do so !

Session number 173 - Clothes :  Sansha Futura pointe shoes, tutu, leotards and a lot of different ballet gears and clothes ! (This photoset was made with Audrey, Myriam and Veronique as a starting photoshoot for our future exhibition, called Ballet in the City. Veronique is Audrey's ballet teacher. Myriam takes ballet lessons in the same school as Audrey does.) Session number 172 - Clothes :  red tutu, leotard, vichy dress, skirt, denim, skinny denim, pointe shoes, sansha pointe shoes, ballet slippers (Those photos were made at Audrey Ballet School, in rennes. It is a great ballet studio, called Dance Gallery, with very big rehearsal rooms and everything needed. We really enjoyed our afternoon there !!) Session number 171 - Clothes :  Tutu, leotard and Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes (Professionnal photo shooting, made for my photo book.) Session number 170 - Clothes :  Ballet leotard, footless ballet tights, elbow and knee pads (Skateboard for ballerina in a certain way. Protective gears and ballet slippers, this is a funny mix actually. ) Session number 169 - Clothes :  Red pants, red shirt, multicolors serna pointe shoes (This shooting is full of moves, as ballet and dance are ) Session number 168 - Clothes :  Lycra Spandex pink tank unitard, sansha 202 pointe shoes, baseball cap (Ballet dancing and Baseball meet in this shooting, full of colours and sort of sexy ...) Session number 167 - Clothes :  Tutu and motorbike boots (A bike girl wearing a tutu, this is unusual enough to make this shooting exciting and cute ...) Session number 166 - Clothes :  White unitard zentai, Sansha Legende 909 pointe shoes (Sexy and exciting, this unitard excels in the representation of the body. Black and white photos make them ... hummmm :-)) Session number 165 - Clothes :  Ballet leotard, ballet tights, ballet skirt and Bloch Elastosplit ballet slippers (A true ballet shooting, without pageantries nor accessories, in which Audrey wanted to pose, gracious and superb.) Session number 164 - Clothes :  Classical red ballet tutu, Ballet leotard, Ballet tights and Gamba 93 pointe shoes (Audrey is much proud to present her brand new tutu, which she will use in next June in Combourg (france, brittany), with her ballet school) Session number 163 - Clothes :  Leotard with attached skirt, ballet tights and boots (Ballet clothes and everyday shoes give an original aspect to this shooting, giving him it a sexy and charming dimensions ... ) Session number 162 - Clothes :  Lycra Spandex red unitard and Sansha Boxing 2 B02C Dance Sneakers (Take an unitard and a pair of dance sneakers. You'll get ballet, simply ballet.) Session number 161 - Clothes :  Blue Flat tutu, Ballet tights, Repetto Bayadere pointe shoes (Ballet, only Ballet) Session number 160 - Clothes :  Sansha Futura 111 black pointe shoes, Asymetrical Techno trousers, lattice Techno T-Shirt (Sexy and lightfull, this shooting mixes Techno and ballet.) Session number 159 - Clothes :  White unitard, Sansha legende 909 pointe shoes (In ballet, unitard is used to keep nothing but the aspect of the body, without artifice nor forward putting. Pointe shoes supplement this aspect while and make movements aerial.) Session number 158 - Clothes :  Black punky style skirt, rainbow colors leggings, Contin Souza pointe shoes and black corset (This is a sexy and colourfull photos set, where ballet and fun are alltogether. Audrey is maked-up and have a lot of fun. Have fun too !!) Session number 157 - Clothes :  Sansha 909 legende pointe shoes, Ballet leotard and tights (Those photos were made for balletinfo and will be used in the Ballet Bible, a book written by Anita LEEMBRUGEN.) Session number 156 - Clothes :  Lycra Spandex Unitard, very old Gamba pointe shoes (Simple clothes ans simple positions, Audrey is more and more interested by thos calm and resting moments. Modeling seems more and more attracting to her, maybe she could model for you !) Session number 155 - Clothes :  Flat Classical tutu and pointe shoes (Simple Ballet shooting, nothing atrificial or added. A ballerina, alone ...) Session number 154 - Clothes :  White Ballet unitard, White Serna pointe shoes (Naked or with this unitard, the ballerina will feel as free and gracefull. Off course, she will also be as glamorous and sexy !!) Session number 153 - Clothes :  Romantic flat 5 layers tutu, ballet tights, motorbike rider steel toe boots (This is a mix of Ballet dancing and motorbike, two totally different worlds ...) Session number 152 - Clothes :  Red velvet lycra leotard, very old gamba pointe shoes (Poses and attitudes in this shoot meet glamourous side of ballet dancing, while preserving artistic dimension of dance. Once more sexy, Audrey took pleasure took pleasure to be borderline in her poses and glances, for your only pleasure ...) Session number 151 - Clothes :  Home made multicoloured pointe shoes, red velvet trousers , red shirt  (Red is the master of this set, and takes control of movements, poses and expressions. Those coloured pointe shoes are home made, and we can make some for you :) Session number 150 - Clothes :  Flat Degas Tutu, ballet tights and Serna ballet pointe shoes (Really ballet related, this set will let everyone feel grace and womenhood.) Session number 149 - Clothes :  Stanlowa baletta Lycra Zentai Unitard, capezio dance sneakers (It was a long time since Audrey did not wear this unitard for you. Once more, it shows her curves and body lines, for your eyes only) Session number 148 - Clothes :  Degas Romantic tutu, Sansha Legende 909 pointe shoes (This shooting is full of grace and ballet. Resting and fun let Audrey took more pleasure in shootings. Once more, you can see the foot arch Sansha 909 legende pointe shoes make.) Session number 147 - Clothes :  Flat several layers ballet Tutu, sansha 202 pointe shoes (Shade and half-light let only arise the ballerina's shapes, like a weightless whisper. ) Session number 146 - Clothes :  Brocade pettycoat, resille top, serna petit rat pointe shoes (Let's make it sexy may be the main title of this so ballet photo set !!) Session number 145 - Clothes :  Denim Jeans and pointe shoes (Denim blue jeans and pointe shoes make a stunning and interesting set, pretty sexy actually :-)) Session number 144 - Clothes :  Serna Cygne Pointe shoes, Ballet tights and leotard (Simple set, as a ballet lesson. Relaxation and resting moments, sweet and soft.) Session number 143 - Clothes :  Techno assymetrical trousers, leotard and Bloch dance sneakers (Move and limberness are the master keys of this set) Session number 142 - Clothes :  Audrey unitard, ballet skirt and pointe shoes. - Julie Leotard with attached skirt, Sansha Dynamo Dance sneakers (Julie and Audrey once more show  how much complicity exist beetween dancers) Session number 141 - Clothes :  Flat tutu and pointe shoes for Audrey, Salsa shoes and dress for Julie. (Julie takes Salsa, Audrey takes Ballet, the result is pretty interesting !!) Session number 140 - Clothes :  Brocade Top, Contin Souza pointe shoes (In summer, clothes become light, sexy and exciting. Add pointe shoes to such wear, it becomes pretty sexy !) Session number 139 - Clothes :  Leg Boots and Ballet Tutu (Sweetness and violence mixed, this set shows Ballet oppositions, so hard and so nice. A sexy Set, you will be surprised by Mistress Audrey :-)) Session number 138 - Clothes :  Lycra Spandex Zentai Unitards (Julie and Audrey took much pleasure in this set, pretty gracefull and sexy. Body as an object !) Session number 137 - Clothes :  Denim skirt, hack and boots (No ballet in this set !! Tourism only, in the Mont Saint Michel area, in brittany, in last April. Before too many people this summer, Audrey loved hanging around on this afternoon !) Session number 136 - Clothes :  Red zentai unitard, like those used in circus (This unitard fits perfectly to the body and only let it be seen. Audrey, gracefull and flexible, loves this zentai) Session number 135 - Clothes :  Audrey Flat Tutu and Sansha recital 202 pointe shoes. Julie Salsa dress and shoes (This set shows a rythmic mix of salsa and Ballet. Julie, our new model, teaches salsa bases to Audrey, while she wears a ballet tutu. Surprizing and glamour !) Session number 134 - Clothes :  Stanlowa Black leotard, French Cancan skirt, underskirt, jumpers and garters (French cancan and ballet give a great result for an end of season show in Combourg (Ille et Vilaine, Brittany, France) Ballet school) Session number 133 - Clothes :  Repetto Bayadere pointe Shoes, cut off leotard (Flexibility, grace, simplicity and beauty are the masterwords of this sweet set) Session number 132 - Clothes :  Lace underskit, resille top, Contin Souza Pointe Shoes (Resting and relaxing photo set, preview of summer holidays, just about the ballet.) Session number 131 - Clothes :  Ballet skirt, lace corset (Shadows and positions make this set beeing a real expression of what dance can be) Session number 130 - Clothes :  Ballet skirted leotard, Gamba pointe shoes, g-string, underwear and panties (Gracefull and artistic modeling set, photographic art expression, made as a chase of graphical quality , within which the Ballet Dancer is an emotionnal and sometimes sexy object.) Session number 129 - Clothes :  Ballet Unitard, Sansha Futura 111 lace up pointe shoes (This set is full of oppositions, black and white, moving and static) Session number 128 - Clothes :  Gymnastic leotard, pointe shoes and RSG toe caps, ball and ribbob (When she was younger, Audrey used to take Artistic Gymnastic lessons. This set is a souvenir of her past :-)) Session number 127 - Clothes :  Short, bra and Bloch Elastosplit ballet slippers (There comes the summer, and with it arrive shorts and bath suits. But think about your slim, yoghurt is good for you :-)) Session number 126 - Clothes :  POinte shoes, panty and bra (A new form of ballet, still classy and raditionnal, but pretty cute ;-)) Session number 125 - Clothes :  Christmas Mother Costume (What ? Christmas in April ? It is a bit early, we know. But hey, first there, first served !! And anyway, this Christmas Mother is kind of a gift by herself, do not you think so ? ) Session number 124 - Clothes :  Short and Bra (Modern Jazz and contorsion shooting, from Cristal Lizard Russian website.
This dancer shows her talents and ability.) Session number 123 - Clothes :  Gymnastic and contorsion leotard (A New shooting from Cristal Lizard, totally contorsion and flexibility related. Stunning !!!) Session number 122 - Clothes :  Leotard (One more shooting from Cristal Lizard, once more showing their how much their models are flexible and show the woman body.) Session number 121 - Clothes :  Leotard, pointe shoes and leg warmers (This shooting comes from Cristal Lizard and shows the flexibility of Russian models) Session number 120 - Clothes :  Swimsuit, Repetto Ballet pointe shoes (Pointe shoes and feet related shooting, certainly the fetish tool of a ballerina.) Session number 119 - Clothes :  Vinyl skirt, lycra leotard and contin souza pointe shoes (Sexy and pleaant shooting, demonstrating body of ballerinas.) Session number 118 - Clothes :  Dance panty, resille stockings, jazz boots (Jazzy, a bit romantic and sexy shooting. An other form of dance representation.) Session number 117 - Clothes :  Lycra Royal blue leotard, Royal blue ballet skirt, Gamba Pointes shoes (This is a posed serie, just following a training, during which Audrey has trained for her end of year ballet show.) Session number 116 - Clothes :  Blue ballet skirt, blue lycra leotard, ballet tights and ballet pointe shoes (Now, Audrey always trains with pointe shoes, as her ballet teacher told her to. Do not you think she is better everyday ? ) Session number 115 - Clothes :  Degas Tutu, Contin Souza ballet shoes (Posing and waiting forms also part of the ballet, as catalysts elements of Art...) Session number 114 - Clothes :  Contin Souza pointe shoes, Romantic degas tutu (Luminous and living serie, presenting all known ballet dancing images, pointe shoes and tutu.) Session number 113 - Clothes :  Denim skirt, sansha legende 909 pointe shoes (Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in !! Here comes summer, and this serie is sunny !) Session number 112 - Clothes :  Austrian style short tutu, Capezio pointe shoes (Unusual in living art, the green color mixes very well with the capezio pointe shoes flesh colour.) Session number 111 - Clothes :  Degas Tutu, Capezio Pointe Shoes (Tutu, Capezio pointe shoes, barre ... Perfect ballet, alive and present, as if you could touch it.) Session number 110 - Clothes :  Zentai Unitard and pointe shoes (This Zentai unitard, made of lycra, does not hide much actually. Only the needed is seen, nothing more, barely naked actually.) Session number 109 - Clothes :  leotard, tights and pointe shoes (Waiting and forward looking are part of ballet) Session number 108 - Clothes :  Scottish skirt, shirt, tie and Sansha Futura pointe shoes. (A school girl, pointe shoes, younghood in Ballet ) Session number 107 - Clothes :  Leotard, ballet tights and pointe shoes (A long ballet training ) Session number 106 - Clothes :  Red Zentai unitard, pointe shoes (Fluidity, lightness and skill. Worn with light and grace, Audrey shows all her talents.) Session number 105 - Clothes :  Ballet skirt, leotard, Sansha split sole ballet slippers (Basic and simple ballet serie, all in smoothness, softness and posing.) Session number 104 - Clothes :  Training unitard, leotard and sansha 202 pointe shoes (Waiting and forward looking are part of ballet. And humor too !) Session number 103 - Clothes :  Unitard and flat tutu bottom, with pointe shoes in the unitard (Shiny and hot colours, shiny lycra. Ballet .... alive !!!) Session number 102 - Clothes :  Leotard with attached skirt, Bloch Elastosplit ballet slippers. (Ballet, just made of clothes and moves, nothing more, nothing less.) Session number 101 - Clothes :  Not much, just a panty, top and serna cygne pointe shoes (Charming and sexy, this shooting is not only ballet related, it is also on the clothes.) Session number 100 - Clothes :  Denim Skirt, Denim corset and Sansha Legende pointe shoes (Slightly sexy, this shoot is also ballet related. Once more, you can see the new sansha pointe shoes used ...) Session number 99 - Clothes :  Assymetrical trousers, Leotard and Merlet Empreinte pointe shoes (Sissones, Arabesques, pied a la barre .... This is ballet) Session number 98 - Clothes :  Ballet panties, Corset, Bloch Elastosplit ballet slippers (Calm before storm, this magic moment before a so hard ballet training.) Session number 97 - Clothes :  Black Corset, shorts, Sansha Legende 909 Pointe Shoes (Foot is the main tool for a ballet dancer. Limbness also uis much needed. Audrey is once more proud to show her new Sansha Legend 909 pointe shoes ...) Session number 96 - Clothes :  Corsets, Shorts, Sansha Legende 909 split soles pointe Shoes (Posed, sensual and calm shooting in which Audrey presents the new Sansha Pointe shoes, Legende 909 split soles. Ballet can also be relaxing, sometimes.) Session number 95 - Clothes :  PVC jacket, flat tutu, Repetto Carmen pointe shoes (A new photo shooting, happy and lightfull.) Session number 94 - Clothes :  Flat tutu, vinyl jacket, tights and Serna Cygne pointe shoes (Calm and posed shooting, playing with contrasts, during which Audrey took much pleasure to play games, all differents) Session number 93 - Clothes :  Leotard, jean like tights, pointe shoes (Usually, wearing a pair of jeans can seem not beeing the right idea :-)) Session number 92 - Clothes :  Ballet leotard with attached skirt, bloch Elastoplit ballet slippers (Sweating, tiredness, effort and exhaustion. Such are the effects ballet practised with passion and spirit.) Session number 91 - Clothes :  Techno Fluo trousers, Jazz boots (Distracting positions and lightning colours for this coloured shooting.) Session number 90 - Clothes :  Blue flat tutu, Gamba pointe shoes and outdoor sport shoes (Audrey outside, under the sun, proves, if needed to, that ballet, as academic and demanding it can be, is made softness, grace and pleasure.) Session number 89 - Clothes :  Short, fluo top and pointe shoes (Who claims that ballet can not be sexy ? ? ? This set is the proof  it can be !!) Session number 88 - Clothes :  Pointe Shoes, Swim Suit (Ballet and contorsion shoot) Session number 87 - Clothes :  Swimming suit, pointe shoes (Limbness and grace for ballet) Session number 86 - Clothes :  Romantic Tutu and Buffalu Flame shoes (When you mix buffalo flame shoes with a ballet tutu, the result is kind of surprising !!) Session number 85 - Clothes :  Red lycra acrobatic unitard (As a ballet cloth, the unitard let see limbness and  feminity) Session number 84 - Clothes :  Techno fluo dress, resille stockings and flashy colours pointe shoes (Stocking, fluo and pointe shoes. Charm meet Ballet) Session number 83 - Clothes :  Serna pointe shoes, asymetric techno boyz trousers (Techno Music and ballet meet for a stunning photo shoot !!) Session number 82 - Clothes :  Miscellaneous Ballet Clothes (One or two photos for each serie we have made, the memory of Session number 81 - Clothes :  Zentai Ballet unitard, red ballet slippers (One Hundred Series !!
For such occasion, outside photos, high resolution photos and Audrey, by herself !!
Thanks for your fidelity !!) Session number 80 - Clothes :  Gymnastic zentai unitard (One more time, eastern europe countries artists  prove their limbness and grace. Lila, our model, proves that.) Session number 79 - Clothes :  White and Black lycra ballet unitard, Serna pointe shoes (In this serie, only waves and moves are important ) Session number 78 - Clothes :  Pink Romantic Degas Tutu, Merlet Empreinte pointe shoes (In this serie, classicism and tradition stand with modern and contemporary moves.) Session number 77 - Clothes :  Zentai Unitard, ballet slippers (Zentai contrast and light play serie) Session number 76 - Clothes :  Romantic Degas tutu, Merlet pointe shoes (Tutu, pointe shoe, symbols of ballet, shown here in a gracious and elegant serie.) Session number 75 - Clothes :  Black flat tutu, merlet pointe shoes (Contrast and light play serie) Session number 74 - Clothes :  Gymnastic Leotard (Stunning contorsion serie. Maybe young, but so good !!) Session number 73 - Clothes :  Bra, Dance panty and jazz boots (Modern Jazz is a living and moving form of dance. This serie is a real modern jazz one !!) Session number 72 - Clothes :  Underskirt, leotard, lattice tights and Merlet Empreinte pointe shoes (Dark and Funny serie, in which clothes are shiny. Audrey as a ballet barmaid, this may be funny :)) Session number 71 - Clothes :  Gymnastic Leotard - camisole (One more contortion serie. This young contortionnist proves that it is not mandatory to wait to be older to be pretty good at what is done !!) Session number 70 - Clothes :  Leotard, street skirt, multicolors socks, multicolors pointe shoes (Lara Croft as a ballet dancer !! How a colors mix can bring to an absolutely surprising serie of photos/) Session number 69 - Clothes :  Tutu and Ballet Shoes (Born Hilaire-Germain-Edgar Degas on July 19, 1834, in Paris, France. A member of an upper-class family (his father was a banker), Degas was originally intended to practice law, which he studied for a time after finishing secondary school. In 1855, however, he enrolled at the famous ecole des Beaux-Arts, or School of Fine Arts, in Paris, where he studied under Louis Lamothe, a pupil of the classical painter Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres.) Session number 68 - Clothes :  Red and shiny Gymnastic leotard (This russian gymnast shows that grace, limbness and strength are important parts of a Gymnast knowledge.) Session number 67 - Clothes :  Gymnastic shiny leotard (In this Serie, limbness and strength meet !!) Session number 66 - Clothes :  Gymnastic Leotard, training medicine ball (Anne, a young Russian gymnast, show us what gymnastic training can bring to limbness and grace.) Session number 65 - Clothes :  Leotard, Tights and pointe shoes (Samantha, Russian Model, shows her ability to Contortion and Ballet.) Session number 64 - Clothes :  Panty, Bra and jazz shoes (Lightness and simplicity of clothes let you seen the grace.) Session number 63 - Clothes :  Leotard, Ballet skirt and foorstretch (Audrey uses the Ballet footstretch and shows how to use it) Session number 62 - Clothes :  Unitard, Leggings, Leotard (The Sun is back, outside serie) Session number 61 - Clothes :  Blue jean, Buffalo platform shoes, tutu (Take a pair of Blue Jean, take a tutu... A new way of dressing !!) Session number 60 - Clothes :  Lyrical Unitard, ballet slippers (Moves, colours and light(s) ) Session number 59 - Clothes :  Pointe shoes and a canvas, barely naked (This is the first serie on dansephoto in which the dancer is naked, or barely.) Session number 58 - Clothes :  Leotard and serna pointe shoes (Sometimes, one must clean and order stuffs, in ballet too !!) Session number 57 - Clothes :  Flat America tutu, Bloch Ballet sneakers (Posing, colours and awaitings) Session number 56 - Clothes :  Blue flat tutu, pointe shoes (In this serie, lignt, movements and no movements accompain the ballet.) Session number 55 - Clothes :  Corset, Skirt, Socks and pointe shoes (This serie is based on the black and white, in the pure posed classical dance tradition.) Session number 54 - Clothes :  Skirt, Corset and Ballet Slippers (Outdoor clothes for this contemporary serie) Session number 53 - Clothes :  Pointe Shoes, Ballet slippers and dance sneakers (What is the main tool for a dancer ? Feet !!) Session number 52 - Clothes :  Training leotard and tights. Merlet Pointe Shoes (Colours and moves serie, filled with contrast.) Session number 51 - Clothes :  Leotard and pointe shoes (Julia is Back with those new stunnings photos. You can find several hundreds other photos on her website, Much Contorsion in this serie.) Session number 50 - Clothes :  Austrian tutu, Pointe Shoes (Audrey and Berengere show you ballet positions, largely inspired from Bournonville Ballet method.) Session number 49 - Clothes :  Tutu and Pointe Shoes (Zlata, from, has been our model and offers you those photos, contorsion mixed with ballet) Session number 48 - Clothes :  Tutu Bottom, leotard and ballet Slippers (A la Barre Training serie while wich Audrey takes all the time she needs to perfect what she has learnt during her ballet lessons.) Session number 47 - Clothes :  Flat and romantic Tutu. Serna and Gamba Pointe shoes. (Berengere is a friend of Audrey. She is a Ballet Dancer, and does help Audrey improve her Ballet Technique. Ballet Lesson and Ballet tips are in this serie. High Quality Ballet Pictures and positions.) Session number 46 - Clothes :  Training Leotard and tights (Just for you, Audrey trains) Session number 45 - Clothes :  Lyrical Ballet unitard (Moves, colours ....) Session number 44 - Clothes :  Burgundy Leotard, Training Tights, Merlet Pointe Shoes (Living Serie. Audrey trains before Next September Back to ballet.) Session number 43 - Clothes :  Lyrical Ballet Unitard, multicolor Serna Pointe Shoes (Fast, coloured and rythmic serie. Pointe Shoes Audrey is wearing are home made. If you would like the same pointe shoes, Contact us) Session number 42 - Clothes :  Leotard, tights and converse like sneakers (Once more, Audrey plays to mix styles, outside in public !!) Session number 41 - Clothes :  Pink Pointe Shoes, Paratroopers Trousers (Outside serie, shiny and light fulll. Audrey Sotin at her best !!) Session number 40 - Clothes :  Flat Competition Tutu, Combat Boots (Serie made in a hood, mixing classical and traditionnal clothes to modern and fashion shoes. Pretty and soft positions.) Session number 39 - Clothes :  Red velvet leotard, training pant, Repetto Carmen pointe Shoes (Audrey loves to pose, show ane progress her abilities. Those photos were made at a calm and relax moment, like only Ballet can offer some.) Session number 38 - Clothes :  Blur flat tutu, white Serna Cygne pointe shoes (Outside, happy and moving serie, in which Audrey wanted to show you the choregraphy she learnt for her Ballet Show.) Session number 37 - Clothes :  Black Degas Tutu, White pointe Shoes (Classical Serie, full of colours and positions) Session number 36 - Clothes :  Purple Ballet unitard, pointe shoes (First outside serie for this year, made with all possible contrasts) Session number 35 - Clothes :  Blue Flat Tutu, pointe Shoes (Colour based serie) Session number 34 - Clothes :  Romantique Austrian Tutu, Sansha Pointe Shoes and Ballerine Street Shoes (Black and White serie, announcing a coloured summer !!) Session number 33 - Clothes :  Purple Unitard (Training and stretching serie) Session number 32 - Clothes :  Ballet skirt, leotard and slippers (Ballet training serie, in which audrey is not alone ...) Session number 31 - Clothes :  Leotard, tights and Footstretch (Training Serie in which Audrey shows you how she works to have real strong and flexible feet, with her Footstretch ( Session number 30 - Clothes :  Black leotard, Kilt and hat (Modern Serie, full of tradition and claccicism.) Session number 29 - Clothes :  White Degas Tutu (Audrey is in a case, then Dances. Gracefull Serie) Session number 28 - Clothes :  Degas classilca Tutu, Repetto Bayadere very used pointe shoes (Precious Moments) Session number 27 - Clothes :  Repetto Bayadere Pointe Shoes, Degas Style Tutu (Classical Ballet Attitudes and moments.) Session number 26 - Clothes :  Lycra green unitard and repetto Carmen Pointe Shoes (Shiny colour, at the use of Ballet. Those pictures were made in the move, no posing) Session number 25 - Clothes :  Black and White Degas Tutu, Repetto carmen pointe shoes (Sweet, romantic and nice serie, made in respect with classical ballet traditions.) Session number 24 - Clothes :  Training Leotard, skirt and tights. Satin ballet Slippers (This serie feature all parts of a ballet training. Audrey wears what she does wear at her ballet school.) Session number 23 - Clothes :  Stanlowa Baletta Full Unitard, Ballet dress and Sansha Boomerang Dance Sneakers (Ballet inspired Positions) Session number 22 - Clothes :  Degas Tutu, Black Corset, Serna White pointe shoes (Mixed Outfits, Ballet and street wear) Session number 21 - Clothes :  Blue Flat Tutu, Repetto Bayadere Pointe Shoes (Jumps, attitudes and moves make this serie a high Moving one) Session number 20 - Clothes :  Red Unitard, Black Ballet Slippers (Red Clothes) Session number 19 - Clothes :  Hip Hop Streetwear (In Da Move Session !!) Session number 18 - Clothes :  Blue Tutu, Sansha Futura blue pointe shoes (Very Nice session, made with very rare lace up pointe shoes. We do love blue !! ;-)) Session number 17 - Clothes :  Tutu and pointe shoes (How to tie pointe shoes) Session number 16 - Clothes :  Unitard and pointe shoes (Colour Mix, Stendhal is not so far) Session number 15 - Clothes :  Unitard and sansha Futura red and black pointe shoes (Colours Mix) Session number 14 - Clothes :  Dance Sneakers (Those shoes look like sport sneakers, but are great for pointe shoe dancing) Session number 13 - Clothes :  Leotard, Skirt and slippers (Audrey trains for you) Session number 12 - Clothes :  Flat Tutu with pointe shoes (Attitudes only, nothing else matters) Session number 11 - Clothes :  Futura Pointe Shoes and Tutu (Rare Collection. Lace up pointe shoes.) Session number 10 - Clothes :  Skirt and Pointe Shoes (Mixed Outfits) Session number 9 - Clothes :  Different Clothes (Funny pictures) Session number 8 - Clothes :  Full Unitard and Pointe shoes (Audrey lovers this full unitard. She wanted to show you how she looks like wearing it) Session number 7 - Clothes :  Pointe Shoes (Pointe Shoes and Feet) Session number 6 - Clothes :  Untard and pointe Shoes (outside Pictures) Session number 5 - Clothes :  Leotard, Tights, Leg Warmers (Pointe Shoes lacing) Session number 4 - Clothes :  Ballet Shoes (The most important tool for a dancer, feet) Session number 3 - Clothes :  Degas Tutu, Repetto Bayadere Pointe Shoes (Session With great eyes, watch and attitudes.) Session number 2 - Clothes :  Short Pant, Repetto Top, Repetto Pointe Shoes (Very Acrobatic Session !! High Fly Ballet :-)) Session number 1 - Clothes :  Degas Tutu, Repetto bayader Pointe Shoes (Absolute Ballet session, made with a great Ballet Costume)


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