Corporate Social Responsibility

Love is full of March, love is Lei Feng Memorial Day

       2019 Jufei Optoelectronics Charity Sale

       At noon on March 28th, Shenzhen Jufei Optoelectronics held a charity sale event in the headquarters square, “Giving roses, leaving the fragrance”. Most of the charity sales of this event were donated by internal employees. Before the event, the managers and clerks of each department responded positively, encouraged employees to actively participate, and dedicated their love. Jufei’s friends donated their idle books, daily necessities, food, and commemorative handicrafts to the company to participate in the charity sale.



       ​ The event raised more than 200 large and small charity products, received 123 charity sales, and raised more than 1,300 RMB. Jufei Optoelectronics will donate the donation to the Youth Foundation to help young people grow up healthily, send hope to them, and deliver a warm heart.


       The event was filled with love, and one of ​the staff said: "The charity sale is really good. It has given love and bought the value things that you like. It is really good for both." The charity scene also attracted suppliers to join.


       Goods are valuable, love is priceless. This charity sale event is to thank all colleagues for their support and volunteer service. While passing on love, we have guided more Jufei people to actively participate in public welfare activities.


        Although the event had ended, the grateful heart, the charity love and the spirit of teamwork would continue to relay as a JF people.