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Jufei Optoelectronics Intellectual Property Management System

       According to the Third Generation Semiconductor Industry Alliance reported, Jufei Optoelectronics obtained the intellectual property management system certification on December 25th​, 2018. The following is related content:


       1. The background of the intellectual property management system

       In recent years, with the rapid increase of the number of intellectual property rights in China, the number of intellectual property disputes at home and abroad has been increasing, and the protection of intellectual property rights has been paid more and more attention at home and abroad. However, the level of intellectual property management in the enterprise sector is uneven, and it is impossible to realize the scientific management of intellectual property rights. And strategic use, to improve the competitiveness of the company's products in the international and domestic markets, and the company may also be unable to guarantee "safe production" to customers due to intellectual property issues, thus affecting business development.

       2. The meaning of the intellectual property management system

      To clarify the company's intellectual property resources and management status, diagnose the main problems and loopholes, and propose corresponding improvement measures and implementation plans to prevent possible intellectual property litigation risks;
Establish a sound intellectual property management system to help companies further strengthen the creation, use, management and protection of intellectual property rights and enhance their independent innovation capabilities;
The implementation of the standard will be the basic condition for the company's intellectual property construction work, and it is the premise for enterprises to declare science and technology projects.

       3. Status of company intellectual property management

       Status quo: The intellectual property management system is imperfect, the IPR risk prevention foundation is weak, and employees are less aware of IPR protection...
In view of the above situation and the current situation of intellectual property at home and abroad, Jufei Optoelectronics executives agreed that it is imperative for the company to carry out the intellectual property management system. At the end of 2017, the then chairman of the company, Xing Zong, instructed to immediately start the project, appointed the director of the company's quality management office as the representative of the intellectual property management, comprehensively coordinated, implemented the plan, mobilized resources, coordinated in time, and strived to achieve success within one year. Intellectual Property Management System Certification.

      4.Start the project, orderly development

      At the beginning of 2018, the Ministry of Technology Management selected the intermediary counseling agencies and signed the agreement, and held the “Intellectual Property Management Standards and Regulations” kick-off meeting to promote the basic knowledge of the standards for implementing the IPR management standards. The standardization work identified milestone goals and action plans.
In March 2018, Jufei Optoelectronics established the Intellectual Property Management Committee. Xing Zong served as the director of the Intellectual Property Management Committee. The directors of each center served as members of the management committee, appointed the executive working group leader and members, and appointed in each department. The direct responsibility of the standard.

       5.Prepare materials, and constantly improve

       After the start of the standard work, all departments immediately became busy according to the work plan, and implemented the requirements of the PDCA process method to continuously improve the process of the IP management system.
The work of the standardization process includes: 1) the company's main business and development planning, its position within the industry, and the development of the same industry at home and abroad; 2) the company's internal management model, including organizational setup, division of responsibilities, performance management, etc.; 3) The company's existing resource allocation, including people, finance, materials, technology, management, etc.; 4) the scope of the company's proposed intellectual property management system; 5) the existing intellectual property issues diagnosed by the counseling agency, Formulate intellectual property policies/objectives, build an intellectual property management system, and develop an IP implementation plan.
The direct responsible persons of each department shall modify or compile relevant enterprise system documents and record documents according to the specifications, optimize business processes, improve rules and regulations, and integrate the intellectual property management system certification standards into the company's existing rules and regulations and business processes.
The Technical Management Department systematically carried out training on the implementation of the “Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standards” system document for each department.
The new intellectual property management system runs for three months, and each department operates in strict accordance with the procedures and systems after the standardization. During the project implementation process, the responsible persons of each department are committed to the daily work with the sense of ownership and actively cooperate with the tasks, organizations Institutions, especially technology centers, market centers, human resources centers, lean management offices, procurement departments, etc., need to prepare the most information and are the most extensive. During the implementation of the project, relevant committee members and responsible persons have been actively deploying personnel and Various resources have been promoted to smooth the work of the standard.

       6. Pay attention to details, step by step to win

       After the new system was in operation for three months, the technical management department arranged the first internal audit in July, and arranged a management review meeting in August to sort out the problems encountered during the operation of the new system, giving the direction of the next improvement, and During the operation of the new system, actively communicate with the counseling agencies about possible problems and improve the direction, and do not miss any possible problem points. Before the external trial, the key counseling meeting was again arranged to ensure the smooth passage of the external audit.
After completing the first internal audit and management review, the technical management department began to make an appointment for the external audit and submit the application for certification. In the choice of the external audit institution, there are only three independent certification institutions in China, such as Zhongguan, Zhongzhi and Wankun. The certification system in the intellectual property management system is hot, and the auditors with external audit qualifications are seriously lacking. Under the circumstances, after comprehensive evaluation, Wankun certification was finally selected. Wan Kun provided active support for Jufei to complete the IPR management system certification in a timely manner.

       7.Focus on the goal, focus on results

       The first phase of the paper review was completed at the end of October 2018, and the second phase of the site audit was completed in early November. The general non-conformities were raised during the review, and the responsible persons for the general non-conformities were actively improved. Jufei Optoelectronics obtained the intellectual property management system certification on December 25, 2018. In the entire IP management system certification process, the responsible persons of each department actively work and cooperate with the sense of ownership, and have successfully implemented the company's core values.

(The above information source: Third Generation Semiconductor Industry Alliance.)